Empathy Swarm

Empathy Swarm is now part of the ZKM Karlsruhe permanent collection.      


Telehabitats is a concept to create habitats for robotic artworks which can be experienced both physically and digitally. The online visitor can connect with a machine and interact with its …

Saturn 3

Performance of Łukasz Szałankiewicz aka Zenial: Sound Adam Donovan: Robots Katrin Hochschuh: Reactive Visuals, Software Inspired by 1980’s science fiction movie ‘Saturn 3’ the atmosphere and relation of men and …

Swarm Orchestra

Empathy Swarm Orchtestra – Cybernetic Intimacy Photo credits: MFRU Festival: Mitja Lorenčič , Hochschuh & Donovan

Psychophysics Forest

Images © saLeh_roZati and © Hochschuh & Donovan Entfernte Erkundungen – Distant explorations was the theme of the soundart festival at Symposion Lindabrunn. During our micro-residency, we explored the surrounding …