Cyborg Futures

Exhibition ‘Cyborg Futures – Who doesn’t want to live forever?’

@ IMPAKT online


Documentation of the live performance Empathy Swarm Remote Memory  – Telerobotics for Social Interaction as a Symbiotic Reminiscence of Human-Machine Cohabitation  (click on ‘Watch Performance’) as part of IMPAKT’s online exhibition Cyborg Futures – Who doesn’t want to live forever? While the exhibition is still online, you should check it out!

The interactions of the swarm were generating a live sound track, which the audience could influence, so don’t forget to switch on the sound!


Empathy Swarm Remote Memory Telerobotics as social interaction – Symbiotic Reminiscence of Human-Machine Collaboration

In times of self-isolation and social distancing new ways of socialising have to be investigated. With Empathy Swarm Remote Memory we are exploring telerobotics as form of social interaction. The project offers an online platform that digitally links physical spaces, people and a swarm of robots. The online users can collectively experience a different physical space through the robotic avatars and generate a real-time soundtrack of their encounters. When the human disconnects from the robotic embodiment the experience is stored in the swarm’s memory and stays alive in the hivemind as a symbiotic reminiscence of human-machine collaboration.


The project is supported by Stipendienprogramm NRW für Künstler*innen as part of “Telehabitats”.

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